metering device

metering device

English-Polish dictionary for engineers. 2013.

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  • Metering device — Счётное устройство; Дозирующее устройство, дозатор …   Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии

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  • Metering pump — A metering pump is a pump used to pump liquids at adjustable flow rates which are precise when averaged over time. Delivery of fluids in precise adjustable flow rates is sometimes called metering. The term metering pump is based on the… …   Wikipedia

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  • net metering — (NET pp. Tracking a building s electricity use as the net difference between the power consumed via the public utility grid less the power generated using solar or wind energy. net meter v. Example Citation: Dennis Myers is a poster… …   New words

  • Charge-coupled device — A specially developed CCD used for ultraviolet imaging in a wire bonded package. A charge coupled device (CCD) is a device for the movement of electrical charge, usually from within the device to an area where the charge can be manipulated, for… …   Wikipedia

  • orifice tube — Metering device consisting of a restricting tube with inlet and outlet screens …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Electricity meter — Typical North American domestic analog electricity meter …   Wikipedia

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  • Gas flow computer — Originally the gas flow computer was an electronic module that simply provided a dedicated gas flow computer function. Today gas flow computer is a misnomer since the gas flow computer function is a subfunction to an overall data acquisition and… …   Wikipedia

  • grain drill —       machine for planting seed at a controlled depth and in specified amounts. The earliest known version, invented in Mesopotamia (Mesopotamia, history of) by 2000 BC, consisted of a wooden plow equipped with a seed hopper and a tube that… …   Universalium

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